Sunday, August 25, 2013

the winter *I* chose happiness

this morning I was delighted to join the Big Hearted Business morning tea in St Kilda.

I joined with a room full of creatives to listen to what Clare Bowditch shared, and oh my, is she an inspiration.  her warmth and composure and confidence just radiates - it was like sitting in front of the sun with cup of tea for an hour.

we heard her take on making creativity work, and on overcoming the obstacles we have, that, it seems are usually in our own head.

she guided us on a little journey, inviting us to reflect on our life in 5 years, what it would look like.  I'm sure there were plenty in the room who'd gone along with clear plans on what they hoped to achieve, but for me that invitation to look to my future brought a welcome epiphany.

and with that, a commitment to express myself more here, and track my journey.

so I came home and spent the afternoon sewing, naturally.

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