Friday, April 30, 2010

feathering our nest

I've finally, finally, made the cushions I planned at last year's Stitches and Craft show. They are all backed in a beautiful Organic denim from Tessuti. It wasn't the plan to be so extravagent, but I'd bought 5m of it almost a year ago for something "special". and I decided that the beautiful Australian printed linen was definitely "special" enough!

This is winter nest by Kristen Doran - I think I bought this from Kelani at the S&C show last year. Others by Kristen available here.
This I bought from Kelani fabrics, and it's birch by Lara Cameron, also available here. I've also go this in the charcoal on black colour way, which I'm stashing to make a quilt for our bedroom.

This is the quilt I've made to go with them on the couch - not matchy, just co-ordinating which is just the way I like it (unfinished binding hiding in this shot)

And here's the group - you can see the denim which backs them all. the other two cushions are rectangular. One features a strip of birch overlaid on plain linen (which backs the quilt), the other you can glimps I quilted to work in with the border on the quilt.

I'm really pleased with how they look, and how the work in with the couch-quilt (that is nearly finished too - unfinished binding hiding in the photo).
And in other exciting (for me) news - I'm delighted to have won a competition on Able Mae! 'ray!


  1. Lovely to meet you today and discover our shared interests. The cushions are great and remind me that I must get mine made. Toni x

  2. Lovely cushions, you've inspired me to make mine this week. Great to meet you yesterday and discover our shared interests! Hope you enjoyed your party. Toni x

  3. Hey Cathy great to sit and meet with you, I love the cushions and guess what I have the same pannels waiting to be made into cushions! Nice job.

  4. I love the black and white quilt you were hand quilting on the weekend. I am doing a black, red and white patchwork quilt at the moment.

  5. Love the cushions and what a tease just showing a bit of the black n white quilt, love it. Could you show a full piccie plse plse plse. What is the fabbie you used as would love to purchase some. Thank you for sharing.