Thursday, May 27, 2010


when you've struggled to find balance, and you finally do
when you've worried you might never find yourself again, and then you appear
when you've feared that what was the most magical thing in your life has been buried, and it hasn't
when you've found your feet as a mother, lover, friend and daughter:

could you contemplate risking it all again?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WIP for baby-Lo's new room

Here's an overdue shot of a WIP for baby-Lo's room.
when I bought the kit from Amitie at a quilt show last year I intended to whip it up, and have it machine quilted, having never made one before. after practising on the "shirt quilt", I considered quilting by hand.
so I embarked on the couch-quilt to pratice with perle 8s, as I'd not done any handquilting before.
having finished that, I'm now fairly much back in the "professional machine quilting" camp AGAIN! I just want this done - tomorrow. so hopefully I'll be packing it and baby-Lo in the car and trekking to Amitie to book it in. (my local joint and the one machine quilter I spoke to are both taking bookings for end of July, and I just want it DONE!). Enough vacillating...

In the washup

I'm sure there are thorough run downs of SIT 2010 around the traps, so let me just say: I LOVED IT!

This snap shows all the bootie in the "showbag"

Clockwise from left: Thea and Sami wire coat hanger cover kit, Sew it Together manual and stash-bag, bamboo needles from Craft Junk, Lark green journal, customised Moleskin from Cass, Ricrac fabric teaset pattern (swapped for robots with Leah), fabric sampler pack from Oz Material Girls, Retromummy handpieced hexagon sampler (front), and finally a covered button sampler pack from Jackobindi!

Phew - and if that wasn't enough, I also scored this wicked door prize from the ladies at Craft Junk. Any beady eyed readers will notice an additional 2 bamboo crochet hooks, plus a circular bamboo needle. That's because the super friendly ladies at Craft Junk realised that I'm keen to learn how to crochet, so slipped some extras in! Talk about lucky lucky me...

I can't wait to try the hand-dyed wool. It's a Bendigo knitting mills, and I believe was hand-dyed specifically to co-ordinate with the colours of SIT 2010. How cool is that?

Here's another snap of the now finished couch-quilt, and the cushion I whipped up to match (backed in the same organic Tessuti denim as the others).

and the fabric request? I *think* it's a Michael Miller - I'll try to find out and update!

ETA: it's NOT Michael Miller - it's Alexander Henry Veronique fabric