Thursday, May 27, 2010


when you've struggled to find balance, and you finally do
when you've worried you might never find yourself again, and then you appear
when you've feared that what was the most magical thing in your life has been buried, and it hasn't
when you've found your feet as a mother, lover, friend and daughter:

could you contemplate risking it all again?


  1. It depends what you're risking it for I guess? Would live to be roomies if I go to sydney. Did you get the quilt sorted?

  2. I've done the sum total of nothing to get the quilt sorted! I think I'll just take it to the local mob, even if I have to wait. Trying to get down to Amitie is not as easy as I thought. I'd love to be roomies for Sydney too - not sure yet whether I'll go either, but if I do, then lock it in!