Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WIP for baby-Lo's new room

Here's an overdue shot of a WIP for baby-Lo's room.
when I bought the kit from Amitie at a quilt show last year I intended to whip it up, and have it machine quilted, having never made one before. after practising on the "shirt quilt", I considered quilting by hand.
so I embarked on the couch-quilt to pratice with perle 8s, as I'd not done any handquilting before.
having finished that, I'm now fairly much back in the "professional machine quilting" camp AGAIN! I just want this done - tomorrow. so hopefully I'll be packing it and baby-Lo in the car and trekking to Amitie to book it in. (my local joint and the one machine quilter I spoke to are both taking bookings for end of July, and I just want it DONE!). Enough vacillating...

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, the colours give it a lovely vintage shabby chic feel.

    We met at the Craft Bar at Stitches & Craft and you told me not to look up your blog because there's nothing on it. But today you'd left a comment on a blog I was reading so I couldn't resist following you home! I'm creepy like that.


    Mrs Beckinsale