Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In the washup

I'm sure there are thorough run downs of SIT 2010 around the traps, so let me just say: I LOVED IT!

This snap shows all the bootie in the "showbag"

Clockwise from left: Thea and Sami wire coat hanger cover kit, Sew it Together manual and stash-bag, bamboo needles from Craft Junk, Lark green journal, customised Moleskin from Cass, Ricrac fabric teaset pattern (swapped for robots with Leah), fabric sampler pack from Oz Material Girls, Retromummy handpieced hexagon sampler (front), and finally a covered button sampler pack from Jackobindi!

Phew - and if that wasn't enough, I also scored this wicked door prize from the ladies at Craft Junk. Any beady eyed readers will notice an additional 2 bamboo crochet hooks, plus a circular bamboo needle. That's because the super friendly ladies at Craft Junk realised that I'm keen to learn how to crochet, so slipped some extras in! Talk about lucky lucky me...

I can't wait to try the hand-dyed wool. It's a Bendigo knitting mills, and I believe was hand-dyed specifically to co-ordinate with the colours of SIT 2010. How cool is that?

Here's another snap of the now finished couch-quilt, and the cushion I whipped up to match (backed in the same organic Tessuti denim as the others).

and the fabric request? I *think* it's a Michael Miller - I'll try to find out and update!

ETA: it's NOT Michael Miller - it's Alexander Henry Veronique fabric


  1. That quilt was the bestest! My favourite crafty thing for the day - Ernst the turtle came close, but no cigar.

  2. Aw - that's very sweet :-) I'm really happy to have it finished, and I love the way it looks with the other cushions.

  3. I loved the quilt and am now inspired to try again with hand quilting. Thanks for being one of my table buddies, it was a great day :-)

  4. Aw - thanks. It was lovely to have you as a table buddy, too. please don't let my dodgy technique put you off: I just flicked through a quilting book yesterday and discovered my technique is nothing like they teach! you're *supposed* to rock up and down with the needle almost vertical as it enters and exits. mine's more like a running stitch technique, so not something a quilting traditionalist would approve of, I'm sure!

  5. Wow your quilt looks awesome and off to look up Micheal Miller fabbie to see if I can find any. Your hand quilting sounds like the new mordern style, more like Sashiko, larger running stitches. I guess it is what you are comfortable with and what style you like. I like the larger running stitch toooo.

  6. hiya, still looking for that fabbie on the Micheal Miller site and cannot find it......help.

  7. Aha - my bad: it's Alexander Henry Veronique!

  8. ooh thank you for sharing, off to hunt for some of this fabbie. Avagoodweekend.