Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bad nights and good days

Bad nights: Baby-Lo's silent reflux, which til 2 weeks ago was perfectly controlled with meds, has flared up again terribly. Super-dad watched two episodes of INTG with her and read books between 10 and 1. She settled back to sleep til 4, then I did the 4-5am shift with more INTG.

Our "sleep-in" til 10.30 this am would have been sweeter had we not all been exhausted.

Good days: I won 2 tix from one of my favourite bloggers - mamamia. Hurrah for random draws. I really wanted to see this movie, so can't wait. Maybe Super-dad and I can have a date?

Crafting today? Just an hour or so of knitting a twirly whirly scarf using some yummy Vero. If we get some sun one of these days I'll post some pictures.

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