Saturday, June 20, 2009

what I like to call The Soft Road

I don't know that this is my invention, but I'll take it as such til proven otherwise.

The Soft Road is a philosophy about making life easier.

I tend to have what some my call a Protestant ethic that things worth doing oughtn't be enjoyable, that hard work is the best, and there's nothing like toil to prove your worth.

I've gone off this idea in the last 12 months, as I've slowly learnt that in fact there is nothing wrong with avoiding the hard road altogether.

I now am far gentler on myself: I once expected a fantasty transformation into some Martha/Nigella hybrid the moment I was married. Then I thought maybe it would be upon the arrival of my first born. Nope. Still waiting.

So in the meantime I acknowledge that Super-dad won't come home to a glorious 3 course home-cooked meal each night; my daughter won't always eat organic and home baked goods; and I won't leave the house with an immaculate blowdry and twin set.

Instead I settle for The Soft Road: acknowledging the efforts I do make, and enjoying the activities that I choose to do instead of cleaning, baking and homemaking.

The Soft Road for apathetichousewife

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  1. But you are a womderful mommy and your baby LOVES you! And you will both enjoy life much more!