Friday, June 12, 2009

Still no sun...

There's still no sun, hence no photos. They'll come and spruce this place up some time, I promise.

I've been knocked over with a flu. The porcine variety? Who knows, and it seems the Drs and government no longer care.

I personally believe that the incubation period is longer than the 3 days the Drs currently suggest: 1 week to the day that I fell ill I'd spend the evening crafting with 2 teachers from 2 different schools in Melb that have since been declared swine flu zones. My guess is that that is more than mere coincidence!

Anyway, I'm on the mend, slowly. No crafting, lot's of lying around moaning and feeling sorry for myself. I'm very thankful for Super-dad and Super-mother-in-law who have willingly stepped up to the plate and taken care of Baby-Lo these last 2 days.
Home quarantine recommended for 3-7 days (depending who you ask) so another 1-5 days.

Baby-Lo is back to herself: no night screaming for 2 nights now - hurrah! Now we just have to work out whether it's the dairy free diet, the new mode of med delivery or something else that has helped her settle back into her groove.

Count to my very own Super-mum arrives? 2 big sleeps!

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